about kate: hudson valley wedding photographer


Woods wanderer

Vintage clothing addict

Plant lady (seriously, it's getting out of control)



I'm Kate! I put goat cheese on everything. I love to laugh. I wear dresses more than pants. And I feel best when I'm surrounded by nature. I've been photographing weddings for the past 10 years. 

My favorite part about wedding photography? That moment. It's the split second when a tingle runs down my spine because I know I just captured an AMAZING and special moment that my couple will be so, so, so happy to have frozen in time.

My second favorite part? When past wedding clients call me and say ... our family is growing! Come photograph us!

Third favorite? When I walk in to their house and see the wedding photos I took for them proudly adorning every room. I usually cry. (You've been warned.)

Contact me! I'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding. And tell you how you can literally add goat cheese to absolutely ANY recipe.